Ways to Curb the Occurrence of Acne

Acne is perhaps the one word that manages to bother even the most nonchalant ones out there. For the sake of your skin and beauty, acne can be considered as something of an impediment. Acne is a common skin problem in the current age. It generally appears as pimple outbreak but can also affect one’s shoulders, back, and chest areas. While the blemishes and bumps cause unpleasant appearance, there is pain involved in severe acne too that needs proper treatment.

Acne occurs when skin pores are clogged due to deposits of oil and few dead skin cells. While there are hordes of the best acne products as well as treatments available, finding one that is best for your skin is most important.

However, not everybody afflicted with acne will have the exact mirror types as someone else. There have been cases where the acne has been really mild while some have extreme or very prominent acne. The period for acne to set in is usually adolescence; however, one might also suffer from acne-related skin issues before they might hit puberty.

Now there are racks of products available in the market which brand themselves as the best acne products; however, not all can live up to being the best acne products. According to a recent study, it has been revealed that acne affects 50 percent women between the ages of 21 and 30; 25 percent women between the ages 31 and 40; and 12 percent women between the ages 41 and 50.

For many women, hormones are the main cause of acne. Changes in monthly menses as well as imbalances in diet that foster acne growth. Now again, stress is a huge flare up and many of us do not even realize the same being so monumental in causing acne. You can try introducing certain changes such as the following to help reduce the occurrence of acne.

To begin with, you can make changes to your diet. You would have to make considerable inclusions and exclusions to help your skin be healthy enough so that you would not be bombarded with breakouts or occurrences of acne.

Refined carbs need to be the first thing you would need to exclude from your diet. Once you so this, your diet becomes better—leading to lesser acne issues. Carbs trigger a flood of follicle-inflaming hormones that enhance oil production. Some researchers have deduced that dairy products, more precisely milk—even of the non-fatty grade—could be beneficial in stimulating acne growth. Instead of fat-free variants, you can consider going for one percent fat milk or even nut-based milk.

Besides some of the best acne products available on the market, you can also consider going for options such as these.

Blue light therapy is growing steadily popular. The technique uses rays that enter follicles and kill bacteria that cause acne. In cases of thoroughly bred acne, photodynamic therapy and Levulan are applied post the light therapy for better effect. While these are innovative way outs, they also burn a hole in your pocket.
Interestingly, this one drug named spironolactone used for years to control high blood pressure has gained an avatar as an anti-acne drug. it works by blocking androgen receptors and aids in limiting surges of testosterone. Once the latter is achieved, pimples are prevented from taking shape.

Tea tree oil is one of best acne products which occurs naturally. Extracted from a tree native to Australia, this oil comes with antiseptic qualities. These qualities fight bacteria and control inflammation of the skin cells.

Moderate consumption of salt is medically believed to treat acne. Limit your sodium intake to 1500 milligrams per day. Ensure to not cross this limit as it would not only cause a breakout of acne but may also cause certain health problems.

Stress, as a factor of causing acne, too has to be handled if you want clearer skin that glows. While this is not a cause of acne, it is an enhancer of the occurrence of acne. Cortisol, the hormone for stress enhances the level of inflammation of the body while also causing oil-gland stimulation. Soothe your nerves and reduce acne! Besides using the best acne products on the market, you should also reduce your stress levels as this would not only help reduce acne faster but also help reduce the risk of other possible health problems.

For mild and moderate acne breakouts, dermatologists suggest using the best acne products which would include cleansers with benzoyl peroxide that has bacteria-killing properties as well as minimizes irritation. Retinoids too work on severe cases of acne. These come laced with anti-wrinkle qualities and enhance the production of collagen.

Among other over-the-counter products for acne control, salicylic acid is a popular choice. it helps control redness, swelling of acne, while also adding to unplug pores.

With complete knowledge of latest acne fighting possibilities and probable causes of the same, you will now find it easier to pick a treatment relevant to your acne.