The Best Vitamin D Supplements Towards a Healthy You

Vitamin D is a kind of steroid hormone that helps in escalating intestinal assimilation of calcium and phosphorus thus maintaining the bone structure and keeping the bones strong.
Vitamin D is the one vitamin that ensures that our muscles, lungs, nervous system and even our heart is functioning as per the norms and is capable of fighting any infections. A lack of vitamin D in your body will make you weak.

The reasons why our body needs sufficient amounts of vitamin D include:

• Building immunity

• Proper muscular functionality

• Maintaining the functionality of cardiovascular system

• Maintaining the functionality of respiratory system

• Proper brain growth

• Preventing cancer

• Reduction in weight

For prevention of diseases like asthma, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety, cancer and type-2 diabetes, one must always ensure that the amount of vitamin D in their body is sufficient. Lack of vitamin D can cause a lot of health issues. You need to know about the best vitamin D supplements.

The best vitamin D supplements available are listed below:

Vitamin D with supplementary cofactors (Source: animals):
The major ingredient of vitamin D is lanolin, a form of wax present in sheep’s wool. This is an inexpensive substance and is found in almost all the vitamin D supplements. Animal sourced vitamin D supplements also contain added cofactors that easily penetrate into your cells present in the body. Examples of such cofactors are zinc, magnesium, boron or even vitamin K2.

Recommended products: Dr. Cannell’s Advanced Vitamin D which comes in a capsule form and helps in providing the proper functionality of bone and muscular system; it increases immunity, ensures proper functioning of the brain, boosts energy.

Vitamin D exclusive of cofactors (Source: animals):
The major source of such supplements is lanoline which lies in the best vitamin D supplements, but the difference lies in the fact that such supplements do not contain additional cofactors. To make sure that this kind of supplement gets utilized effectively, a multivitamin needs to be consumed separately.

Recommended products: Thorne Research D-5000 which comes in a capsule form and contains no hidden elements such as sorbic acid, lactose, sodium benzoate or BHT as they may not suit some individuals. This supplement helps in building a good immune system, ensures good muscular as well as bone strength and also maintains a good heart health.

Another example can be Solgar Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) which comes in a soft gel form and helps in maintaining a good immune system, provides strength to the teeth and bones and maintains neuromuscular function in the body. This supplement provides the same benefits which are provided by the sunlight exposure. These are oil-based soft gels free from gluten, soy, sodium, sugar, preservatives and even added flavors and colors and therefore absorb into the system easily providing the required benefits.

Vitamin D with supplementary cofactors (vegetarian):
Such best vitamin D supplements like all other supplements contain lanolin, which is further treated with yeast. This particular form of yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. After treating lanolin with yeast, further, fermentation occurs which helps in transforming the nutrients present in lanolin into more natural ones. This transformed state also contains cofactors such as enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics which help in the amalgamation of vitamin D in a better manner, once consumed. These vitamins are recommended to be consumed along with multivitamins.

Recommended products: Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW D3 which comes in capsule form and is the only RAW, whole food vitamin D supplement that comes in vegetarian form. This supplement helps in maintaining bone and joints strength, ensures proper functioning digestive system, helps in better memory performance, leads to better concentration, maintains good breast health, good immune system and efficient cell duplication.

MegaFood Vitamin D which comes in tablet form and is easily digested even if the stomach is empty.
It helps in providing good immunity, stronger bones, and optimum hormonal secretions. It contains whole organic foods that act as cofactors for better absorption. It is the safest and the best bioform supplement available.

Vitamin D exclusive of cofactors (vegetarian):
The source of these kinds of best vitamin D supplements lies in lichen or even mushrooms. These supplements contain Vitamin D3 but not the added cofactors. A multivitamin is recommended for better absorption of these supplements which are high in boron, Vitamin K2, zinc, and magnesium.

Recommended products: Country Life Vegan D3 that comes in soft gel form and is plant derived helps in maintaining good bone strength and even promotes immunity. Nature’s Plus Sol Garden Vitamin D3 that contains natural whole food enzymes and is the first plant-source cholecalciferol, which is derived from the merger of eight diverse organic mushrooms.

The best vitamin D supplements along with sun exposure seem to be the best option available. Waking up early and going for a brisk walk helps your body soak up the natural vitamin D from the sunlight.