The Best Bottled Water for Healthier Living

The water packaged by popular water bottle brands is considered as safe. They’re certified by professionals and are always recommended when you are buying packaged drinking water from stores. However, contamination of drinking water still exists because of the careless disposal of bottles. Often they are not crushed before disposal and therefore it is easier to mislead people into drinking unrefined water packaged under brand labels.

Undoubtedly, the rapid spreading of epidemics has the closest connection with the adulteration of water which contains absorbed germs and become potentially poisonous for drinking. Also, the presence of organic matter in excess amount shows the impurity of water.

Best Bottled Water Brands

Water consumption has a pivotal role in life sustenance. Increasing the amount of water intake has considerable health benefits like lowering stress levels, improved digestion, clear bowels and smoother skin. It helps to flush out the toxins and keeps your skin hydrated. Choose a renowned water bottle brand for a healthy lifestyle.

When out for a morning walk, carrying a bottle of pure spring water or consuming that just after you’re back from the gym. Infusing your body with the mineral-rich water, only after the physical workout is one of the best tips you can follow. Giving your body the hydration it just when it needs the most can guarantee you some significant health benefits.

Using the best-bottled water will ensure that you’re drinking pristine water which is untouched by any human manipulation.


One of the bestsellers, they have a uniquely balanced water composition which is unlike any other brand found in the market. On the peaks of the high Northern Alps, when rain and melting snow is found, Evian starts its journey from there.

This water from the snow or rain then filters through the mountainous rocks at a rate of less than one inch every day. The water gets filtered through the glacial sand which is done without chemicals. Thus, it makes the water retain its purest form becoming a refreshing beverage rich in minerals.

This water is then sent to all over to the world, quenching the thirst of the customers with hydrating delight.


It is considered to be one of the highest selling brands of vapor distilled water in the market. It is a product under the ownership of Coca-Cola, fittingly named as “Glaceau” Smartwater. Like most other brands, it started off as the rainwater which seeped through the several layers of sand, rocks, and clay underwent the natural purification process.

The water is filtered from all other pollutants and harmful chemicals before it is settled in an underground aquifer. The water is then protected by a layer of rocks once it reaches and sits at the bottom of the aquifer. A healthy amount of electrolyte is purposefully added to enhance the taste. Finally, it is collected by factory workers and bottled for consumption.


This brand highly focused on the aesthetics of their product and therefore invented a high-quality dual system of filtration and reconditioning which can eliminate unwanted or harmful objects from the water. This left a purified product, safe for drinking.

This innovative idea turned immensely popular and gained a lot of appreciation from consumers all over the world. Their bottle-designs have a patent style which is sleek, skinny, tall and can hold a deceptive volume of water. They have been recognized as a leading brand of innovative products and can ship bottled water to almost every country with any zip code.

Icelandic Glacial

Going with the name, it draws a reference to one of the most authentically unpolluted ecosystems of the planet; this brand acquires water directly from the Frozen Icelandic landscapes. The natural springs that occur in the region are an immense advantage for their products. The water from the springs passes through the layer of volcanic rocks, and the purest drinking water is obtained. They have taken care to omit BPA which is often found in packaged drinking bottles and have made it completely recyclable. This brand draws water only from fully sustainable springs and provides clean, refreshing water for consumption.


This pure variety is rich in electrolytes, and this brand delivers bottles directly to your home which is 100 % packaging of RPET. The Mount Loa Volcano is the source of their water procurement. The water gets naturally filtered when it trickles pouring through layers of multiple feet of perforated rocks before being packaged as delicious and safe mineral water. It is infused with magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium and calcium chloride to provide you with a boost of an athlete’s energy. Waiakea, derived from a pure origin is a completely reliable brand.

Choose wisely and live healthily.