Symptoms of ADHD in children to watch out for

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a complicated psychological condition that is known to adversely affect the progress of a child not only in school but also in life. ADHD has a wider range of symptoms that are tricky to recognize as they are subject to change according to age. The most common symptoms of ADHD include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Most ADHD symptoms in children are indicational and not diagnostic. While for some kids ADHD may go away in their youth, for others the symptoms may become subtler and less noticeable. Here are some of the common symptoms of ADHD and how these get manifested in different age groups.

In 6-12-year olds, inattention can be diagnosed when they repeatedly make careless mistakes in school, struggle to focus in class, and cannot pay attention while playing. Children with the condition may also face issues staying focussed during lengthy conversations, long reading sessions, and following instructions. Inattention in teens can be diagnosed if they easily get distracted by unconnected thoughts and procrastinate crucial tasks.

Impulsivity or hyperactivity
ADHD symptoms in children below the age of 12 can be recognized if they are constantly seen fidgeting, tapping hands, feet, and squirming in their seats. Children with ADHD usually find it difficult to be seated for long hours and are often seen running, climbing or being restless. In teens, ADHD symptoms can be determined if they suddenly interrupt a conversation, intrude, and take over what others are doing. Other symptoms of impulsivity in children of ADHD include excessive talking, difficulty in participating in leisure activities, and not being able to wait for their turn. Most ADHD patients experience an overwhelming feeling of impatience and jitteriness throughout their teen years.

Other ADHD symptoms
Apart from these symptoms, children with ADHD may grow up to be less organized and struggle with day to day activities, if the symptoms are not treated on time. Adults with ADHD symptoms may demonstrate inattention and hyperactivity in activities like returning calls, paying bills, forgetting to keep up with appointments and exhibiting insensitivity towards colleagues and loved ones.