Dealing with Prostate Impotence – Treatment Options

Prostate impotence also termed as erectile dysfunction affects almost 30 million men. The impotence may result from a complete inability to achieve an erection, inconsistent ability to achieve an erection, or sustain a brief erection. The condition is brought about by physical problems mainly with respect to the blood supply to the penis. Advancement in medicine has opened up effective prostate impotence treatment options, which are safe and effective.

Risk Factors

As men age, they risk suffering from impotence. Other known risk factors for impotence include low testosterone levels, smoking, alcohol consumption, substance abuse, diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol levels, and vascular diseases.

Before we know about the prostate impotence treatment options, lets know about the causes of prostate impotence.

Causes of Prostate Impotence

A possible list of causes for erectile dysfunction include performance anxiety, depression, premature ejaculation, diabetes, venous leak, organic impotence, neurological causes ( like multiple sclerosis, spine and nerve injuries), Peyronie’s disease, drug-induced impotence, and hormone induced impotence.

Treatment Options

The line of treatment is drawn based on the age, general health, medical history of the patient, the extent of the disease, patient tolerance for specific medication, procedures, and therapies and the patient preference.

Following are the specific treatment alternatives available for prostate impotence/erectile dysfunction.

Medical Treatment

Prescription drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis have been administered to patients with prostate impotence as the first line of treatment. They are oral PDE5 inhibitors. The component like sildenafil citrate contained in Viagra is an oral drug that increases the response to sexual stimulation. Levitra which contains vardenafil citrate works quickly and improves sexual function in men across all age groups. It is particularly effective for men with diabetes and men who have undergone radical prostatectomy.

Tadalafil citrate contained in Cialis is the one that stays in the body for the longest possible time. Within 30 minutes of taking the drug, men experience an erection and the effects of Cialis lasts for a good 36 hours.

Although the above medications are FDA approved and suitable across age groups, there are certain contraindications. These medicines are not suitable for men who have suffered a heart attack or stroke or suffer from a stomach ulcer and bleeding disorders. Further, if you are taking any alpha blockers or nitrates, a clear disclosure to the physician must be made before you take any medicines to treat impotence.

These medicines have their share of some common side effects which include nausea, nasal congestion, flushing, dyspepsia, and diarrhea. Each of the above PDE5 inhibitors can cause one or more of the side effects depending on their composition.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Advancing age has the natural effect of lowering the levels of testosterone in the body. Lower levels of this hormone is also a contributing cause of impotence. Testosterone replacement therapy in the form of oral pills or skin patch has been found to improve overall energy. Improve mood, increase weight, bone density, and muscle mass, along with increased sexual interest.

Testosterone supplementation is suitable for older men and is not recommended for men with normal hormone levels as it can lead to possible side effects and prostate enlargement. This is one of the common prostate impotence treatment options.

Penile Implants

The last resort to treat erectile dysfunction is penile implants. Three types of penile implants are used to treat prostate impotence.

Hydraulic Pump

A pump and two cylinders are placed in the erection chamber of the penis. The pump releases a saline solution which causes an erection. The pump later removes the solution to deflate.


Two semi-rigid, bendable rods are inserted into the erection chambers. These bendable rods allow manipulation into the erect and non-erect position.

Interlocking Plastic Blocks

The blocks are placed within the erection chambers of the penis. They can be inflated or deflated with the help of a cable that runs through these blocks.

There is an inherent risk of infection due to penile implant failure. In cases of severe infection which do not respond to antibiotics, a new implant might be needed.

Recognizing the condition and taking appropriate treatment is the first step towards handling this condition. Not only does impotence cause physical problems, many men are psychologically affected as well. With advancements in medicine, prostate impotence can be treated safely and effectively. Shed your inhibitions and walk into a clinic for the right treatment.

Impotence can also be a warning sign for some other underlying serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, liver problems or any other medical conditions. By examining the root cause, doctors will be able to offer treatments that can help you get over erectile dysfunction and lead a healthy life. Do not hesitate to check with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction and prostate impotence treated immediately.