Bags Under the Eyes – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Bags under the eyes are one of the signs of aging. They are an abnormal bulge of the fat pads appearing on the skin of the lower eyelids. When these fat pads swell, they cause the skin to protrude giving rise to bags under the eyes. You can recognize bags under eyes when you have a swelling and puffiness under the eyes. They are mostly seen among elderly people. Do not worry if you have bulging pouches on your lower eyelids. It is not a grave medical condition. However, it might become a cosmetic condition as one would feel conscious about their appearance.

Know the symptoms
Have you noticed sagging skin under your eyes? It means you are experiencing the problem of bagginess. Also, you may have itching, pain or redness under the eyes. The bulging of fat under your eyes may appear and then go again at an irregular interval. However, it is neither malicious nor causes health problems.

Understand the causes
Some of the factors that contribute to the formation of eye bags have been listed (in no particular order) as follows:
– With age, the muscles and tissues associated with your eyelids weaken and the skin starts to sag. Fat around the eye advances to the area below your eye. Moreover, fluid can gather in the area below your eyes making it look swollen or puffy.
– On hot and humid days, the fluid remains in the body system instead of flushing out.
– Hormone levels.
– Consuming salty foods.
– Skimping on sleep.
– Allergies or inflammation of the skin. This happens particularly if redness and itching occur along with puffiness.
– Heredity.
– Alcohol and tobacco may cause stress, tiredness, and hormonal changes. All these may culminate to fluid retention and swell around the eyes.
– Sinus syndrome

How to prevent bags under eyes?
– Foods low in carbohydrates can help avoid water retention.
– Having foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E help to reduce eye bulginess. This also maintains a healthy and moisturized skin.

Treatment options
Using bags under eyes creams

If bag under your eyes is due to allergies, ensure to consult a doctor for medicinal treatment. In non-surgical treatment, use of fat injection and dermal filler injection fillers prevails. Juvederm and Restylane are injectable treatment. This non-surgical treatment can help improve bags beneath the eyes. When fillers are injected, they add volume to even out aberration. Eye bag removal or blepharoplasty surgery removes excess skin under the eye. The surgeon removes or redistributes excess fat, muscle, and drooping skin.

A lot of bags under eyes creams are available in the market. There is a host of renowned manufacturers marketing such creams. Each manufacturer has its own formulation for bags under eyes creams for treating bags under the eyes. Each claims that their product is more effective than their competitors. Using bag under eyes creams as a treatment option is becoming a popular recommendation as they are easy to use and as they very effective.

You can avoid cosmetic surgical and non-surgical injection methods by opting for one of these bags under eyes creams.

The manufacturers use almond oil, aloe vera, nutmeg oil, and olive oil to develop creams for treating bags under eyes. Different companies adopt different combinations of the above elements to produce their own individual products. The unique formulation of these companies helps to treat the puffiness. Their creams also help to mitigate wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. Some of the creams that you can consider are as follows:

NIA Fake Awake Eye-Gel: This comes with anti-aging formula and is a great pick for all.
January Labs Advanced Eye Technology: This helps in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines and come with beta glucan.
L’Oreal: This brand too has eye revitalizing creams.
Dr. Dennis Gross: This gel comes contains retinol and ferulic acid and do wonders.
Clinique Eye Cream: Give your eyes a shot of espresso with this cream that contains peptides and offers anti-aging benefits.

Other treatments for bags under the eyes
Home remedies
Home remedies are short term-methods to take care of bags under the eye. Home remedies in form of cold compression using different methods are also used for the treatment of bags under the eyes. However, bags under the eyes reappear again within a short span of time. There are also non-surgical and surgical removals of bags under the eyes. However, these methods need to be carried out by an expert or else it can lead to complications.

Which one do you think will be the best treatment for bags under eyes for yourself? If you want to use the bags under eyes creams, you must search the net for more information about the product and manufacturer.