A Guide on Hemorrhoid Treatment Creams and Other Options

Hemorrhoids, also colloquially referred to as piles is a problem affecting the rectum area. It leads to the swelling of nerves present in the rectum, which in turn causes difficulty in bowel movement. Though the condition mostly causes a problem in bowels, severe pain might be experienced while performing other day to day activities. There can be several factors leading to hemorrhoid, and the condition can be easily cured by taking proper remedies. Nowadays, many people are opting for surgical removal of piles for curing the painful condition. Yet, it is not the only option. You can also apply hemorrhoid treatment cream and other remedies for healing the pain.

How is hemorrhoid treatment cream useful?

Hemorrhoid typically takes a week or two to heal and to keep the condition in check, and it is always recommended to keep your rectum moistened using creams. The dry anal area can increase the difficulty during bowel movement and may also lead to profuse bleeding from the veins. However, if you apply creams or ointments in the area, it will help in passing the stool easily. Though you can apply any cream to keep the area moistened, you need to use medicated hemorrhoid treatment creams for healing the swelling.

How to pick from the right hemorrhoid treatment creams?

Hemorrhoid is a common problem experienced by a majority of people living in the United States. Therefore, it will not be very tough for you to find a cream that can heal the condition. You can check out your local pharmacies to get an over-the-counter cream for the treatment. There are extensive varieties of creams, and you can easily select the one that suits you best. Yet, to be on the safer side, it will always be ideal for you to get a can of cream from a reputed company.

Different types of creams for hemorrhoid treatment

Witch hazel- Whether you have an internal hemorrhoid or an external one, witch hazel can be a good choice for you. Available as a liquid, witch hazel can help in checking both pain as well as itching associated with hemorrhoid. The anti-inflammatory properties of this liquid also help in curing the swelling gradually. Applying witch hazel is also quite simple, and you can get it spread directly on the piles.

Aloe vera gel– This is also another proven remedy for curing the vein swelling causing hemorrhoid. You can either apply the gel directly after obtaining it from the leaves or you can get an organic gel purchased from a store. Nowadays, you can also find different ointments using aloe vera. You can also go for them if needed.

Over-the-counter ointments– You will find different medicated ointments over-the-counter. Get any of the creams available without a prescription to treat the condition.

Petroleum jelly– Though this is not a cure for hemorrhoid, you can always take petroleum jelly if needed. Applying petroleum jelly repeatedly on the affected area will help in softening the area, which in turn will ease the bowel movement. Softening of the area may also help you in preventing bleeding that is caused in the bowel.

Other remedies to treat hemorrhoid

Ointments and hemorrhoid treatment creams can offer an extremely soothing effect when it comes to the treatment of hemorrhoid. However, there are other easy to use remedies as well. You can also check them out to heal the condition.

Increasing fiber in your diet– When you are suffering from a condition like hemorrhoid, it is always for you to avoid fries or spicy foods. Try to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Taking high fiber food is recommended in this condition, as it helps in softening the stool, which in turn has a positive effect on the swelling.

Opt for stool softeners– Apart from your diet correction; you can also take stool softeners and laxatives, which are available over-the-counter. This will help in preventing the hardening of your stool so that it can pass easily from the rectum.

Use wipes– As the rectum area becomes irritated during the hemorrhoid outbreak, it is recommended to use soft wipes instead of toilet papers. This will check further irritation in the area. Though you can use any wipes apart from those containing acidic ones, it will be better for you to find the ones containing witch hazel or aloe vera.

Take as much rest as possible– Sitting and standing often becomes difficult during hemorrhoids. Not only that but also excess stress is harmful to patients with hemorrhoid. Therefore, it is recommended for you to take as much rest as possible for healing the condition.

Hemorrhoids can be quite painful. Following the methods mentioned above and the right hemorrhoid treatment creams can help in dealing with the condition successfully. However, consulting a doctor is necessary if you are pregnant, as piles problem often aggravates during this stage. Doctor’s help is also required if you are unable to get any significant improvement from the home remedies.