9 Simple Tips to Lower the A1C Level of Diabetes

Increased competition and fast-paced modern life have already started taking a toll on your health. While some are affected with conditions like obesity, there are others, who get irregularities in their thyroid, blood sugar, or blood pressure level. Medical examinations conducted in the recent past indicate that an increased number of people are suffering from type 2 diabetes. As the chronic disease is now affecting people irrespective of their age or sex, people all over are searching for remedies to lower the A1C level of diabetes.

Unlike the common fasting and after meal diabetes test, A1C examination help in diagnosing the blood sugar level of the past two to three months. Therefore, a diet change for a week is not quite effective to lower the A1C level of diabetes. To keep a check on and lower the A1C level of diabetes, you can follow some simple tips mentioned below.

Always eat on time – When it comes to Type 2 diabetes, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is food restriction. Yet, just noting the restrictions is not enough. To keep diabetes under control, you need to eat consistently on time. Eat all your meals consistently and never skip your breakfast. In most of the cases, people who skip their breakfast have an irregular A1C level, as the blood sugar increases when the stomach is empty.

Eat a balanced diet – Eating on time is not enough. To cope up with this chronic ailment, you need to eat a balanced diet. Your diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients in the desired amount. If you cannot keep a track of your regular intake, get a diet chart from a nutritionist and follow that. Also measure the amount of every serving carefully as eating in excess can be detrimental.

Include fruits in your diet – Irrespective of the fact that you plan your own diet chart or get it prepared by a health expert, you need to eat fruits every day. Cranberries, blueberries, and grapes are considered to be an ideal choice for a diabetic. These fruits not only keep a check on the diabetes level but also help in promoting heart health.

Say no to junk foods – Always remember, the digestive system of every human being is prepared to process the natural foods or the homemade recipes. That is why, eating junks every day may affect the digestive system in an adverse way, which in turn can lead to an irregularity of glucose level. To lower the A1C level of diabetes, you should try and avoid junk foods as much as possible. Also stay away from ice-creams, chocolates, pastries or aerated drinks, as these increases blood sugar level significantly.

Keep diabetes bars and shakes handy – In many cases, professionals with very little time to care for themselves skip meals or take an unbalanced diet. If you too experience similar kind of problem, it will be wise for you to keep some diabetes shakes and bars handy. Eat them whenever required to satisfy your hunger without affecting the blood sugar level.

Switch to green tea – When you have increased the A1C level, it will be better if you can switch to green tea. Unlike the sugary drinks or tea, green tea helps in keeping a check on the diabetes level. Many reports also indicate that drinking this can actually help in improving sensitivity towards insulin.

Drink enough water – Frequent urination is one of the major symptoms of diabetes and in some cases, it has even led to dehydration of the body. To avoid such a consequence, it is always recommended to drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking water not only keeps the body hydrated but also helps lower the A1C level of diabetes.

Lose weight – Not just an irregular diet, your weight can also affect diabetes level significantly. That is the reason, obese people are more prone to diabetes than those, who maintain the desired weight. Get your BMI checked. In case of irregularity, try to bring it under control and see a positive impact on your blood sugar level.

Regular workout – Healthy diet plan along with a healthy lifestyle is necessary to check the elevated blood sugar level. While you should eat and sleep on time, you should also practice workout on a daily basis. A brisk walk for 20-30 minutes can make a great impact on your diabetic level. Apart from that, you can also practice yoga or a few simple exercises to keep diabetes under control.

Even though diabetes is a chronic disease, it can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. Therefore, take prompt action as soon as you find any symptoms of elevated blood sugar level. Also make sure to keep yourself stress-free as stress causes irregularity in the blood glucose level, making an adverse impact on the A1C tests. Last but not the least, monitor your blood sugar levels at regular intervals and follow these tips to lower the A1C level of diabetes.