4 Essential Things to Note when Choosing a Dog Collar

As a pet dog parent, you want to ensure the very best for your furry companion. From considering the best foods to feed to choosing all the supplies, you do your best to ease your pet’s transition into your household. However, when it comes to the most important equipment, the dog collar, you may often get confused due to the plethora of choices. The dog collar is essential, and you must take enough time to pick one. It involves considering the comfort of your dog while ensuring its security. You may also admit; you want your furry friend to look dapper!

All dog collars may seem like the same, but they are differently designed in more ways than one. When you closely inspect several different collars available, you will notice that each one comes with many variations. Thus, functionality and durability are majorly impacted in the long run. Here are some essential factors that will guide you through the process of buying the right collar for your pooch.

Ease and comfort – Comfort is a pivotal factor when choosing the right collar for your dog. The collar should fit your dog well or it will feel extremely uncomfortable while trying to get it off. The best way to arrive at the right length of the collar is to measure your dog’s neck and add about two to three inches. You must also consider the construction of the collar. It should touch the surface of your dog’s neck while lying completely flat. The belt and the buckle, when not fitting in the right position, could lead to irritation and rub against the skin of your dog — this could potentially lead to skin rashes. Moreover, fleas can be a major nuisance for your pet; fortunately, there are collars specially designed for dog flea removal. They come with low-concentration ingredients that work in preventing and removing flea infestation.

If you have puppies, the dog collar must be extremely lightweight. Puppies find collars extremely discomforting in the beginning; thus, you should allow for some easing initially. Look for a smaller size and narrow bands in case of your puppy, as it will make it easier for your small friend.

Safety – The ultimate purpose of getting a dog collar is to make sure that your dog is safe when it ventures outside the home. Thus, the collar must hold the name of your dog and your contact information that can be used if it goes missing. The identification can be in any form of the collar, such as a tag or an embroidery on the band, and the collar should prominently display this information.

Getting a reflective collar will add to safety. These collars can be traced even in low light conditions, letting your dog be spotted more easily. The collar also lets you securely attach a leash for when you take it out on walks. It must come with a rugged D-ring that will allow for attaching a sturdy leash. One should remember that not every dog collar is built keeping in mind safety and security, thus, one should look for brands that are known for delivering the most secure dog collars.

Long-lasting and durable – Some dogs can be very mischievous with their collar bands and you must ensure that it is designed with the best quality materials. No matter what your dog does to it, it must not degrade over time. The band of the collar should be made from good quality material and it should have a sturdy buckle that remains securely closed unless released. You do not want your dog getting restless while you try to get the collar off, thus, ensure that it buckles effortlessly.

Adjustable design – Your puppy or dog will grow over time, and therefore, it is important that the collar comes with an adjustable design. While you may not be able to use one collar band throughout the years, getting an adjustable designed dog collar will allow you to use one for at least a while. Make sure that you regularly monitor the fit of the collar and adjust it if you think it is fitting too tightly around your dog.

All the above factors should be thoroughly taken into consideration when picking a dog collar. Also, if you think that form is as important as functionality, then there are several brands that offer very good-looking dog collars. With attention to quality and detail, you can also look for a collar that represents your dog’s character. From personalizing it with studs to having its name laser printed on the band, the possibilities of getting a stylish looking collar are endless.

Over the course of your dog’s lifetime, you will have to make numerous decisions for the well-being of your dog. If there is anything more important than the type of food you feed your dog, it is its collar. Thus, you must be willing to invest a good amount of time to find the ideal and long-lasting dog collar.